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Abc-clio e-book collection


Available titles

Asteroids, Comets, and Dwarf Planets

Astronomy and Culture

Basics of Biology

Basics of Chemistry

Basics of Earth Science

Basics of Physics

Cosmology and the Evolution of the Universe

Outer Planets


Infobase publishing - ebooks


Available titles

Acids and Bases

Agricultural Versus Environmental Science: A Green Revolution

All's Well That Ends Well

Big Bang

Cell: Nature's First Life-Form

Chemical Reactions

Developmental Biology: From a Cell to an Organism

Electricity and Magnetism

Evolution: The History of Life on Earth

Facts on File Algebra Handbook

Facts on File Biology Handbook

Facts on File Calculus Handbook

Facts on File Chemistry Handbook

Facts on File Earth Science Handbook

Facts on File Geometry Handbook

Facts on File Marine Science Handbook

Facts on File Geometry Handbook

Facts on File Marine Science Handbook

Facts on File Physics Handbook

Facts on File Space and Astronomy Handbook

Facts on File Weather and Climate Handbook

Future on Genetics: Beyond the Human Genome Project

Genetic Engineering: Manipulating the Mechanisms of Life

Germ Theory



Human Genetics: Race, Population, and Disease

Hydrosphere: Freshwater Systems and Pollution

Kingdoms of Life

Matter and Energy

Molecules of Life: DNA, RNA and Proteins

Oceans: How We Use the Seas

Periodic Table


Stem Cell Research: Medical Applications and Ethical Controversies

abdo digital


Available titles

EBay: The Company and Its Founder

Google: The Company and Its Founders

Michelle Obama: First Lady & Role Model

Nintendo: The Company and Its Founders

Social Networking: Myspace, Facebook & Twitter

Youtube: The Company and Its Founders

Learner digital


Available titles

Absolute Value of -1

Battling Malaria: On the Front Lines Against a Global Killer

Elephant Talk: The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication

Horrors of Andersonville: Life and Death Inside a Civil War

Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You

Perfect Shot





Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland

Marshall cavendish digital


Available titles

First Humans

Ice Age Neanderthals

Modern Humans


Rosen publishing


Available titles

Creation of Canyons

Creation of Caves

Creation of Glaciers

Creation of Islands

Creation of Mountains